Hey everyone, my name is Evan Marien. I'm a bassist, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist living in Brooklyn.
I run a Youtube channel where I've uploaded live performances of my original music since 2010.  They primarily feature my music with the incredible drummer Dana Hawkins... and I'd like to be able to make more EvanxDana music videos for you! 

Previously, I could only upload one or two EvanxDana videos a year, but Patreon presents me with an opportunity to record them far more frequently. Patreon works by collecting a tip for each creation, and I’m asking you to pledge towards the creation of each performance video. My maximum goal is to put out a new EvanxDana video every month. You can pledge $1 or any amount per video that I create, and you would (at the most) be charged once a month. With the support I get from this Patreon campaign, I can make the new EvanxDana videos the very best they can be!

If you feel you can pledge and contribute for each video I release, I’m happy to offer a few rewards in return. Patron supporters see our new videos first, get song downloads, and receive exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Step up to top tier and get access to alternative video takes and edits, and even have your name listed in the thank you credits in the YouTube description info of the videos. 

Every little bit helps. Even a dollar goes a long way in creating more awesome content for you! Thanks for your support!