What kind of bass strings do you use? Do you tune your bass B-G or E-C?

All of my basses are tuned B-G. I have them strung up with my signature strings from GHS Strings. They are very light gauge for a 5 string tuned B-G (35-121). GHS has made them available online, buy them here.

Do you teach lessons?

You can book Skype or in person (NYC) lessons through my website here

What kind of bass do you play?

My main bass is a 5 string Ken Smith BSRB Burner (brown) from the late 90s. It’s my favorite, I’ve made so much music on it. More info on the bass can be found on KS’s website here.

I also have another 5 string ‘Ken Smith’ custom from Hajime Hirose/ Sleek Elite. The body shape is similar to the Hadrien Feraud signature model but it has slightly different neck specs and tighter string spacing. Hajime calls it the EM001

Other basses I use: Custom Serek 5 string Midwestern 2, Custom Callowhill 5 string, a Supro Huntington II 4 string, and a custom Campbell American 5 string.